Physician Connection

Transfer A Patient

The University Health Care Transfer Center team is dedicated to helping physicians and their staff streamline the transfer process.

Contact Us:

toll free 1-877-ADMIT – 2 – U or 877-236-4828
In House Line: 587-8980

We will expedite physician-to-physician consultation and streamline the transfer process:

  • Expedite physician-to-physician consultation.
  • Determine resource availability & appropriate placement for your patient.
  • Assist with transportation arrangements.
  • Facilitate transfer of clinical documentation to ensure continuity of care.
  • Provide you with contact information, for the physician admitting your patient.
  • Following discharge, the University Medical Group will send you a copy of your patient’s discharge summary.

The University Health Care Transfer Center assists you in accessing our inpatient facilities and Emergency Department for urgent patient evaluation, admission or transfer.

We will facilitate your calls:

Assist you in obtaining urgent physician consultation, regarding your patients. Facilitate your communications with our physicians, in order to determine patient needs. Assist you in obtaining treatment assistance and/or admission for patients. Facilitate communication with appropriate physician services, to care for your patient.

We will facilitate transfer planning, for you and your staff:

  • Facilitate air transport, as needed. *
  • Obtain admission orders from the accepting physician.
  • Make arrangements for appropriate bed assignments.
  • Keep you and your staff updated, regarding arrangements for your patient.
  • Provide guidance for your staff in transfer preparations, as needed.
  • Provide your staff with contact information, in order to provide nursing report.
  • Involve Case Management to assist with patient financial issues when necessary.

* Our AirMed air transport team flies with respiratory therapists, experienced nurses and paramedics, who are specially trained in critical care and altitude physiology. AirMed is committed to providing the safest and highest quality care possible to their patients. We typically refer air transports to our excellent team, but we will assist you in communications, as needed, with other transport services.

If you are a University of Utah Physician, the Transfer Center will handle:

  • Inter-facility and ED-to-ED transfers
  • clinic-to-ED and admissions from community clinics
  • Urgent consultation for patients potentially in need of admission

Contact Us:

In House Line: 587-8980 Fax: 581-2256

Here's how it works:

  1. Transfer Center receives call for consultation and/or transfer.
  2. Attending physician for appropriate service is paged.
  3. Attending joins a conference call (already in progress), with those needed for decision-making, to include the referring MD, the house supervisor and the Transfer Center.
    Note: Callers will hear a tone whenever someone enters or exits a conference call.
  4. Attending physician discusses case with referring provider and makes medical acceptance decision.
  5. EMTALA analysis is performed by Transfer Center staff for any potential refusals, before final decision on acceptance is made.
  6. Financial review is performed for non-emergent and non-auto-acceptance* patients.
  7. Transfer/admission details are completed by Transfer Center staff after acceptance process is complete.

We value your feedback. Please direct you comments to

Referral Form

To minimize your time on the phone, we offer an alternate means for you to provide us with information to begin the transfer process, should you feel this beneficial. You can use this form in two ways:

  1. You can have one of your staff call the Transfer Center to relay the information from the completed form to us.
  2. You can fax the completed form to the Transfer Center at 801-581-2256

In either case, we will contact the appropriate accepting physician and then connect them with you. Should you choose to use this option, we request you be readily available to speak to our attending physician once contact is made.

Transfer Checklist

Please fax the top portion to the Transfer Center ASAP. This will assist us in pre-registering your patient. The checklist will assist you in gathering documents needed at University Health Care to better care for your patient.

Satisfaction Survey Form

Print and fax this to the Transfer Center to help us improve our services.

Medication Record

Provided by pharmacy services for your use.