Providing Educational Resources & Support to Hepatology Providers

Virtual Seminar Schedule

Every other Wednesday from 7:30am—9am MST

If you are interested in participating in Project ECHO's virtual liver seminars, or if you want to learn more, please contact Jordan Holloman.

Justin Shofner 
Program Coordinator 

Providing Educational Resources & Support to Hepatology Providers

Project ECHO-Liver Care uses web-based video conferencing to promote the sharing of knowledge in a partnership that facilitates the delivery of care to patients in their local surroundings and keeps providers up to date on new developments in treatment and research.

The community providers are organized into learning networks that meet on a bi-weekly basis to present patient cases and learn from didactic education sessions. 

How Does Project ECHO Benefit Liver Transplant Patients?

Specialists speaking via screen conference

40 percent of University of Utah Health's liver failure and post-transplant recipients live more than 150 miles from University of Utah Hospital.

We are creating a high quality, cost effective way to provide continuing pre-and post-transplant care for these patients in their local communities.

Recent medical publications have found that patients with complex conditions can be successfully cared for in this method and are more likely to keep scheduled appointments and adhere to challenging medical regimens.

CME Credit

Providers are awarded one and a half hours of Category 1 CME credits for their participation in each ECHO Liver Care Clinic.


Clinical Team

Terry Box, MD
Medical Director/Hepatologist
Email: terry.box@hsc.utah.edu

Robin Kim, MD
Director of Transplantation
Email: robin.kim@hsc.utah.edu

Ray Thomason, MD
Email: ray.thomason@hsc.utah.edu

Juan Gallegos, MD
Email: juan.gallegos@hsc.utah.edu

Justin Shofner
Program Coordinator
Email: justin.shofner@hsc.utah.edu