Telemedicine Services for Providers & Their Patients in the Mountain West & Beyond

Through the use of secure digital platforms, U of U Health Telehealth is bringing programs ranging from acute patient consultations to education-based outreach to health care providers in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Nevada. We bring world-class health care, clinical expertise, research, and increased access to communities and organizations that wish to partner with U of U Health resources. By offering telehealth services to other quality driven organizations, U of U Health is showing a commitment to collaborative approachs to improving and providing patient care when, where, and how they need it.


Our mission requires us to have durable and sustainable programs that strengthen our hospital and provider partnerships throughout the region. Physicians and partners use TeleHub stations, Zoom conferences, Telemedicine suites, Apps and more to communicate with U of U Health providers wherever they are seeing patients.  Telemedicine allows patients to receive U of U Health's top ranked specialty care without leaving their community or the care of their primiary physician. Providers also have the option of referring patients to an at-home Virtual Visit when appropriate. 

Portneuf Telehealth

Partner with U of U Health

Telehealth Services from University of Utah Health providers are designed to provide both emergent and scheduled consultation to regional hospitals and their patients. If you are interested in becoming a U of U Health partner or learning how to provide Advanced Virtual Care to your patients, please contact us.

Phone: 801-585-3090

Email: or

Telehealth Operations Support


If your facility already has Acute Care TeleServices, please call our TeleHub number to initiate an emergent consult: 801-213-4983    (24/7).

If you are experiencing technical issues, during your consult, please call our Telemedicine helpline: 801-587-1922 or reference the Telehealth Operations Support Materials.