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Offering Continuing Education in Pediatric & Adolescent Health

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Pediatric and family health care providers are invited to join the Pediatrics ECHO. This series focuses on the unique needs of pediatric patients in the mountain west. Pediatric care specialists teach about the identification and treatment of complex diseases, behavioral health issues, and common acute diagnoses. Those who attend these sessions improve their ability to provide treatment at the top of their license.  

CME credit is available to those who attend. 

Our Fall module beginning August 2022 will include sessions on Transition to Adult Care, Shriners Children’s services, Pediatric Orthopedics, Respiratory issues, and more.

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Pediatrics ECHO Autism 101 module series information

Pediatrics ECHO Schedule

Fall 2022


Wednesdays Title Presenter(s)

What’s New at Shriners Children’s Salt Lake City?-Video

What's New at Shriners Children"s Salt Lake City?-Slides

Jill Conner,
Director Business Development,
Shriners Children’s


Wheelchairs, On-Time Mobility & Safe Transports for Special Needs 

Scott Jerome, PT/Shriners Wheelchair Seating & Mobility


Session 1: Introduction to Transition to Adult Health Care for Youth with Special Health Care Needs-Video

Session 1: Introduction to Transition to Adult Health Care for Youth with Special Health Care Needs-Slides

Chelsea Ghena, DNP, RN, Teen to Adult Healthcare Transition Program Manager
Rebecca Delaney, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Division of Health System Innovation and Research, University of Utah Intermountain Healthcare,  Department of Population Health Sciences


Common Pediatric Gait Issues-Video 

Bruce MacWilliams/Director Shriners Motion Analysis Lab                                   Amy Shuckra/MAL Physical Therapist
Dr. Kristen Carroll/Shriners Children’s Chief of Staff 

9/21/22 Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and Asthma for Primary Care Clinicians-Video Khanh Lai, MD, FAAP 

Session 2: Guardianship, Supported Decision-Making, and Insurance  for Youth with Special Healthcare Needs as they Transition to Adulthood-Video

Pediatric ECHO Guardianship-Slides

Pediatric ECHO Supported Decision Making-Slides

Pediatric ECHO Teen to Adult SH Insurance-Slides

Lisa Thornton, JD, Attorney, Lisa Thornton Law, President of the Utah Prader-Willi Syndrome Association                                Eric Stoker, Information Specialist, Utah Developmental Disabilities Council        Chris Chytraus, RN, BSN, CPM, CCM, Healthy Connections Manager, Medicaid/CHIP/Pediatrics, SelectHealth


General Headache Management-Video

General Headache Management-Slides

Meghan Candee, MD, MSc

Dedee Caplin, PhD, MS

11/2/22 Session 3: Transition to Adult Health Care: Tips and Tricks for Providers-Video Molly Doose, MD, Med-Peds provider at Sugar House U of U clinic
Matt Anderson, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, BYU professor and past congenital heart provider
11/9/22 Differences of Sex Development (DSDs)-Video Kathleen Timme, MD, MEd 
11/16/22 The Child's Foot and Leg-Video Emily Tyler, PA-C/Shriners Children’s Salt Lake City
11/30/22 Executive Functioning Overview and Interventions for the Pediatric Population Lacey Zimmermann, OTR/L, Shriners Therapy Service
12/7/22 Session 4: Schooling/Vocation/Daily Living for Young Adult with Special Health Care Needs Jennie Dopp, Project Coordinator for Transition University-Utah Parent Center
Eric Christensen, MPH, Health Program Manager with Integrated Services, Department of Health and Human Services
12/14/22 Infectious Disease Trends - COVID, RSV, flu, and more Emily Thorell, MD, MSCI


Spring 2022


Wednesdays Title Presenter(s)

Pediatric Pain History & Assessment-Video

Pediatric Pain History & Assessment-Slides

Ben Moresco, MD;
Dominic Moore, MD;
Zainab Kagen, MD


The Impacts of Parental Mental Health on Pediatric Medical Care-Video

The Impacts of Parental Mental Health on Pediatric Medical Care-Slides

Sean Cunningham, Ph.D.

Medical Neglect-Video

Medical Neglect-Slides

Kristine Campbell, MD, MSC

Human Trafficking-Video

Human Trafficking-Slides

Aarti Vala, MD
2/16/22 No session scheduled  
2/23/22 Register for Autism 101 - Early Signs  

Foster Care-Video

Foster Care-Slides

Julie Steele, DNP, MN, FNP

Acute Pediatric Pain Management-Video

Acute Pediatric Pain Mangement-Slides

Ben Moresco, MD;
Dominic Moore, MD;

Zainab Kagen, MD
3/16/22 No session scheduled  
3/23/22 Register for Autism 101 - Surveillance and Screening  

Sleep Issues-Video

Sleep Issues-Slides

Allison Ellzey, MD

Chronic Pediatric Pain Management-Video

Chronic Pediatric Pain Management-Slides

Ben Moresco, MD;
Dominic Moore, MD;

Zainab Kagen, MD
4/13/22 Enhancing Coordination and Communication by Improving Referrals-Video Abby Rose, Emma Baldry
(2021-22 URLEND Trainees)
4/20/22 Tribal Programs and Resources-Video Christian Curtis, Nicole Craven
(2021-22 URLEND Trainees)
4/26/22 Register for Autism 101 - Diagnostic Evaluation  
5/4/22 Brachial Plexus Injuries-Video Brittany Garcia, MD

Common Eye Issues-Video

Common Eye Issues-Slides


Jose Morales Moreno, MD;
Griffin Jardine, MD
5/18/22 No session scheduled  
5/25/22 Register for Autism 101 - Developmental, Behavioral, and Educational Interventions  
6/26/22 Register for Autism 101 - Medical Co-Occurring Conditions  
7/27/22 Register for Autism 101 - Psychiatric Co-Occurring Conditions  
8/24/22 Register for Autism 101 - Community and Family Supports  
9/28/22 Register for Autism 101 - Puberty, Adolescences, and Transition to Adulthood  
10/26/22 Register for Autism 101 - Creating an Autism-Friendly Practice  

Specialty topics covered by presenters prior to Spring 2022 are available on our archive page

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