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Link: A Portal For Patient Information

What Is Link?

Need Technical Assistance?

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Link is a secure web portal that connects you and your staff with the information you need about your patients.

Our HIPAA-compliant platform ensures you are viewing appropriate medical information for your role.

Link Portal for Patient Medical Records

Provides access to medical records regarding your patients who are referred or admitted to
University of Utah Health

We'll notify you when you have:

  • New results for tests you've ordered.
  • New communications sent directly to you from University of Utah Health physicians.

Within Link, an event dashboard keeps you informed about your patients:

  • Hospital admissions
  • ED admissions
  • Discharge summaries
  • Consultation notes

Link Portal for Claims, Eligibility, Prior Authorizations


We are developing a new provider portal for claims, payments, and prior authorizations. We will no longer accept registration requests for these functions in Link. We will notify you when the new portal is available. In the meantime, please call customer services or provider relations for the needed information.

How to Use Link

Link Portal for Patient Medical Records

To refer a patient:

  • Login to your Link account.
  • Select the patient you are referring.
  • Order a referral for the desired specialty or service.

Your referral order goes directly into a work queue in our EMR for our referral specialists. By entering your referral through Link you can track the status of the referral at any time. The referring provider will receive an in-basket notification in Link when the referral is complete.

Request Access for Medical Records

Link Portal for Claims, Eligibility, Prior Authorizations

Refer to the “Provider Portal User Guide” for training on every function offered.

  • Use the In Basket tab to send and receive messages to our IT team.
  • Use “Authorization Search” or “Create an Authorization” for prior authorizations.
  • Use the “Patient” tab to check eligibility.
  • Use “Claims” or “Claim Search” to view status or payment for any claim.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Link Support Representatives at 801-587-7322 or email:

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