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Mental Health & Wellness

Suicide Education and Prevention

Studies show that 90 percent of people who die by suicide have had contact with a health care provider within the last year.  Up to 30 percent have had contact with a health care provider in the last week before taking their lives.

Through the Zero Suicide Initiative, University of Utah Health provides a framework for providing suicide care.

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Acts of aggression and violence against health care workers are on the rise in the United States. Health care workers see people at their worst, in moments of crisis. When individuals employ de-escalation techniques, they will often help to maintain a safe environment for all patients and staff. In the de-escalation course we identify crisis behaviors, recognize an escalating crisis, respond appropriately to the situation, take steps now to keep your staff safe.

This one-hour course can be taught virtually, or in-person when circumstances permit. This course is offered at no cost to affiliates of University of Utah Health.

Intimate Partner Violence

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence. The University of Utah Health provides resources to those experiencing domestic violence, including the Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) education program. In 2021 the Office of Network Development & Telehealth Education and Trauma Education team have collaborated to bring specialized education programming to train clinical staff and providers to understand, identify, and implement positive community change for the prevention of domestic abuse.

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