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Family Health & Wellness Training

The health care needs of family members can be as varied and diverse as the definition of family itself. Providers and other health care personnel can receive training from U of U Health specialists that addresses family planning, pediatrics, as well as men and women's health-specific issues.

This education content looks to connect clinicians with up to date training for all stages of life.

Women's Health

Perinatal Education

Pregnancy can be an exciting time of growth, change, and choice for a family. To help providers to support their patients, we have created an education program that providers can share with their patients on a variety of perinatal-related subjects.    

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Pregnancy Care ECHO

Pregnancy Care ECHO offers community providers at all levels of obstetric experience, access to a team of obstetrics specialists. This provider education and the case review sessions are designed with the goal of increasing treatment efficacy in pregnancy care. Learners can registeer to participate, view previous sesssion recordings, and view CME opportunities from U of U Health.  

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Recommend Women's Health Services

Women's Health Services offers classes and other programs for women of all ages. Providers can refer their patients to this information on breast health, reproductive health, and treatment of gynecological cancer. These patient-facing tools includes the global Baby Friendly program, perinatal classes, and five mid-life screenings in the "5 for Life" program. As part of an academic health center, the Women's Health Services team has the benefit of working closely with the University of Utah School of Medicine, which is heavily involved in ongoing research.  

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Women's Health Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Women's health is a 15-credit program of study designed to equip students with an interdisciplinary perspective on women's health and well-being.

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Men's Health

Men's Health Seminars

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Men's Health

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Men's Health Conditions

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Pediatric ECHO

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Safe and Healthy Families

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partner violence

Intimate Partner Violence

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence.  The goal of the IVP Ed program is to educate and build a coalition of engaged healthcare providers to help put a stop to domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.

The Office of Network Development & Telehealth Education and Trauma Education team have collaborated to bring specialized education programming to train clinical staff and providers to understand, identify, and implement positive community change for the Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).