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Physician Relation Consultants

Partnering With Our Physician Network

Welcome to University of Utah Health. Our physician relations consultants are here to help you with any information you need to coordinate communications and services when referring your patients.

How We Can Help You

University of Utah Health consultants work directly with physicians and their staff to offer the best collaboration and experience possible for them and their patients. Here are a few examples of how we can help:

Provide information about our system including,

  • services,

  • programs,

  • continuing clinical education and

  • physician contact and specialties.

Assist with access to Epic Link (our electronic medical records system).

Aid staff and physicians to get patient access and necessary follow-up communications.

Arrange meetings and consults with our physicians.

Answer questions about your referred patient’s insurance acceptance at U of U Health.

Connect you with special health-related events in our community. CME events and education opportunities may include:

  • tumor boards,

  • grand rounds,

  • lunch-and-learns, and

  • symposia. 

Collaborate with you, or your clinic directors, to determine your needs and how a physician relations consultant can assist you. We work to continuously align and understand the expectations of our U of U Health providers and the providers and staff of your organization.

Meet with you one-on-one in your practice or virtually—particularly if you are interested in our services—to determine how we can best work together.

Regional & Specialty Consultants

Stacy Mcnicol

Stacy McNicol

Senior Physician Relations Consultant

Cell: 801-979-1164


  • SL County East of I-15
  • Rural Utah
  • Wyoming

Gus Abt

Senior Physician Relations Consultant

Cell: 801-347-0669


  • North Salt Lake to Logan
  • Nevada
  • Colorado
Julie Carson

Julie Carson

Department of Surgery, Physician Relations Consultant

Cell: 801-875-5585       

Melinda Wallis

Melinda Wallis

Orthopaedics, Physician Relations Consultant

Cell: 801-358-8005 

Jacqui Little

Generalist, Physician Relations Consultant

Cell: 703-340-5438

Office: 801-585-3090


We would love to meet with you! At these meetings we assist with minor onboarding tasks, such as:

  • orientation to our clinics,
  • help with outreach tools (like bio cards), and
  • anything else you need.

Contact one of our regional consultants to start the process.