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1. Complete the Form

Need Technical Assistance?

Call 801-587-7322 or email

Note: Staff of University of Utah Health have access through Epic.


 Examples of users who might need to access to patient medical records include:

  • Referring providers,
  • Referred to providers,
  • Post-acute care facilities, and
  • Clinical and office support staff.

*Required fields on the form are marked with a red asterisk. This information is necessary so that University of Utah Health can assign your unique user ID.

Form: Request Access to Medical Records

2. Read the Access Agreement

Next, please read the "Electronic Health Record Access Agreement" in its entirety. If you agree with the terms of the agreement, please check the box next to "I have read and AGREE to these terms and conditions." Then enter your name in the field under the check box and click "Submit." This is a legally binding agreement and covers your responsibilities as a provider who will be accessing protected health information (PHI).

3. Give Us a Few Days to Set Up the Account

Your access request is submitted through a secure connection. Once we receive your information and agreement, allow five business days to set up your account.

Once your account is set up, you will receive a phone call with your login information. You will then be ready to access your secure Link Portal account.