University of Utah Health Transfer Center is part of the Centralized Patient Placement Center. Our team is dedicated to helping physicians and their staff streamline the transfer process.

Contact Us:
toll free 1-877-236-4828


We will expedite physician-to-physician consultation and streamline the transfer process as follows:

  • Expedite physician-to-physician consultation.
  • Determine resource availability and appropriate placement of your patient.
  • Assist with AirMed transportation arrangements.
  • Facilitate transfer of clinical documentation to ensure continuity of care.
  • Provide you with contact information, for the physician admitting your patient.
  • Follow up patient discharge with a copy of your patient's discharge summary from University of Utah Medical Group.
  • Keep you and your staff updated, regarding arrangements for your patient.

Transfer a Patient

To transfer a patient, call 1-877-236-4828.

  1. Have your patient's information ready, including name, date of birth, condition, the referring physician's name, call back number, and the hospital from which the patient is being referred.
  2. Wait while we page an attending physician.
  3. Discuss patient's condition, as facilitated by the transfer center staff, between you and the attending physician.

After Patient Acceptance

Once your patient is accepted to University of Utah Hospital, the Transfer Center will:

  • Assist the AirMed transportation at your request.
  • Coordinate nursing unit and bed arrangements for your patient.
  • Facilitate the transmission of necessary paperwork from the referring hospital to University of Utah Hospital, so that only one report is required.

Air Med

Transfer center staff can assist in arranging patient transport through AirMed. You can also find more information by contacting AirMed directly.

AirMed Dispatch
toll free 800-453-0120