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Clinical Update Presenter
Session Recordings

Jan 11, 2019

VBAC Prediction Torri Metz, MD
Jan 25, 2019 Diagnosis/Management of Preterm Birth Shannon Son, MD
Feb 8, 2019 Tranexamic Acid and Obstetric Hemorrhage Mark Rollins, MD, PhD
Feb 22, 2019 Cervical Ripening & Labor Induction Amy Sullivan, MD
March 8, 2019 Hyperemesis Calla Holmgren, MD
Mar 22, 2019

The 4th Trimester: What Should We be Doing?

ACOG Committee Opinion (May 2018): Optimizing Postpartum Care

Erin Clark, MD
Apr 5, 2019 Expanded Carrier Screening Kali Roy, CGC
Apr 19, 2019 Cervical Length Screening: Do's & Don'ts Martha Monson, MD 
May 3, 2019 Trauma in Pregnancy Ibrahim Hammad, MD 
May 17, 2019 Rheumatic Disease in Pregnancy Ashley Benson, MD 
May 31, 2019 Renal Disease  Jessica Page, MD  
Jun 14, 2019 Antibiotic Prophylaxis on Labor and Delivery Irina Cassimatis, MD 
Jun 28, 2019 Maternal Mortality Crisis: Progress Made and Next Steps Torri Metz, MD 
July 12, 2019 Hepatitis C Virus and Pregnancy[Exposure in Pregnancy] Keisa Lynch, DNP, APRN, DNP-C 
July 26, 2019 Radiation Exposure in Pregnancy [Exposure in Pregnancy] Jessica Kaplan, MD 
Aug 9, 2019 Air Pollution and Pregnancy [Exposure in Pregnancy] Matthew Fuller, MD 
Aug 23, 2019 Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome: A General Pediatrics Perspective [Exposure in Pregnancy] Bhanu Muniyappa, MD 
Sept 6, 2019 Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Update [Family Planning] David Turok, MD, MPH 
Sept 20, 2019

Miscarriage Management [Family Planning]

Jennifer Kaiser, MD 

Oct 4, 2019 Contraceptive Options for Women with High Risk Health Conditions[Family Planning] Lori Gawron, MD, MPH, FACOG

Oct 18, 2019 Fetal Heart Rate Tracing [Safe Labor Management] Sean Esplin, MD 
Nov 1, 2019 Delayed Cord Clamping [Safe Labor Management] Lauren Theilen, MD
Nov 15, 2019 Labor Management - Active Phase, Outdated Friedman Curve [Safe Labor Management] Ware Branch, MD
Dec 6, 2019 Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders: Impact, Prevention, and Treatment [Maternal Mental Health] Amy-Rose White, LCSW  
Dec 20, 2019

Perinatal Loss [Maternal Mental Health]

Julia Ewanowski, LCSW


Clinical Update Presenter
Dec 14, 2018 Healthy Birth Spacing: The Role of the Prenantal Contraceptive Plan and Postpartum Birth Plan Erin Clark, MD
Nov 30, 2018 Urogynocology Postpartum Complications & When to Refer Jolyn Hill, MD
Nov 16, 2018 How will Pregnancy Affect My Sex Life? Answers to Patients' Most Common Sex & Pregnancy Questions Jordan Rullo, PhD, ABPP
Nov 2, 2018 Screening for Intimate Partner Violence  Audrey Jiricko, MD
Oct 19, 2018 Common Breastfeeding Issues (Maternal & Infant) and Breastfeeding for the Late Preterm Infant Laura Brown, MD
Oct 5, 2018 Basic Science of Breastfeeding (benefits, positioning, & latch) Ganga Srinivas, MBBS, FAAP
Sept 21, 2018 Accreta Diagnosis and Risk Brett Einerson, MD, MPH, FACOG
Sept 7, 2018 Prenatal Screening with Cell-Free DNA Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD
Aug 24, 2018 POTS and Pregnancy Melissa Cortez, DO
Aug 10, 2018 Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Pregnancy Lucinda Bateman, MD
July 27, 2018 FDA Categories for Pregnancy Lynn Martinez (MotherToBaby UT)
July 13, 2018 Asthma Management in Pregnancy Heather Howe, MD
Jun 29, 2018 Evidence-Based Prenatal Care Erin Clark, MD
Jun 15, 2018 Zika Update: What should we be doing? Janice Byrne, MD
Jun 1, 2018 Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy Jessica Reader, MD, MPH
May 18, 2018 Teratogenicity and Drug-Related Pregnancy Risks Jessica Page, MD
May 4, 2018 Hemaglobinopathies and Thalassemias in Pregnancy Lauren Theilen, MD
April 20, 2018 Maternal Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy Martha Monson, MD
April 6, 2018 Amniotic Fluid Embolism Michelle Debbink, MD, PhD
March 23, 2018 Results of the ARRIVE Trial (Induction of Labor for Nulliparous Patients) Robert Silver, MD
Mar 9, 2018 Management of Cervical Dysplasia in Pregnancy Marisa Adelman, MD
Feb 23, 2018 Dermatoses of Pregnancy Ibrahim Hammad, MD
Feb 9, 2018 Neonatal Abstinance Syndrome: What you need to know Camille Fung, MD
Jan 26, 2018 HIV & Pregnancy: An Update Jennifer Trauscht-Van Horn, MD
Jan 12, 2018 Take It or Leave It: Updates on Opportunistic Salpingectomy Kimberly Walhof, MD


Clinical Update Presenter
Dec 15, 2017 Marijuana and Pregnancy Torri Metz, MD, MSCI
Dec 1, 2017 Genetic Screening in Pregnancy Doug Richards, MD
Nov 17, 2017 Water Birth Celeste Thomas, MS, CNM
Nov 3, 2017 Management of Pregestational Diabetes D. Ware Branch, MD
Oct 20, 2017 Postpartum DVT Prophylaxis: What should we be doing? Amy Sullivan, MD
Oct 6, 2017 Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Amy-Rose White, LCSW
Sept 22, 2017 Reproductive Rights Advocacy Cara Heuser, MD
Sept 8, 2017 Management of Gestational Diabetes Brett Einerson, MD, MPH
Aug 25, 2017 Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy Amy Sullivan, MD
Aug 11, 2017 Deconstructing the Modern Birth Plan Ashley Benson, MD
Jul 28, 2017 Substance Abuse in Pregnancy Marcela Smid, MD, MS, MA
Jul 14, 2017 Nitrous Oxide Use in the Labor & Delivery Setting Sara Hake, CNM, DNP
Jun 30, 2017 Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders: Impact, Prevention and Treatment Amy-Rose White, LCSW
Jun 16, 2017 Stroke in Pregnancy Lee Chung, MD
Peter Hannon, MD
Jun 2, 2017 Obstetric Management of Fibroids and Prior Myomectomy  Martha Monson, MD
May 19, 2017 Obstetrics! Obesity! Oh my! Marcela Smid, MD, MS, MA
May 5, 2017 Nitroglycerin Use in Obstetrics Candice Morrissey, MD
Apr 21, 2017 Devil in the Details: Maternal Mortality in the U.S. Kelli Barbour, MD
Apr 7, 2017 Diagnosis & Management of Fetal Growth Restriction Ibrahim Hammad, MD
Mar 24, 2017 Hepatitis C & Pregnancy Terry Box, MD
Mar 10, 2017 Diagnosis of VTE During Pregnancy and Postpartum Lauren Theilen, MD
Feb 24, 2017 Transferring Smoothly: Out-of-Hospital Birth Transfers Erin Clark, MD
Feb 10, 2017 New Triple I Classification Scheme: Updates in Diagnosis & Management Christina Herrera, MD
Jan 27, 2017 Pregnancy & Headache Management Susan Baggaley, FNP-C
Jan 13, 2017 Thrombocytopenia In Pregnancy Amy Sullivan, MD


Clinical Update Presenter
Dec 16, 2016 Evidence-Based Miscarriage Management David Turok, MD, MPH
Dec 2, 2016 Postpartum IUDs and Contraceptive Implants: The Sooner the Better? Katie Storck, MD
Nov 18, 2016 Quantification of Blood Loss After Delivery Janet Fisher, RN
Nov 4, 2016 Maternal Early Warning Criteria: Recognition and Treatment of Severe Hypertension Amy Sullivan, MD
Oct 21, 2016 Updates in Fetal Monitoring Sean Esplin, MD
Oct 7, 2016 Diagnosis and Management of Hyperthyroidism in Pregnancy Karen Gibbins, MD
Sep 23, 2016 Opiate Dependence in Pregnancy Alexandra G. Eller, MD
Sep 9, 2016 OB Hemorrhage Safety Bundle Brett Einerson, MD, MPH
Aug 26, 2016 Supporting Physiologic Birth Emily Hart Hayes, DNP, CNM, WHNP-BC
Aug 12, 2016 Contraception in Women with Medical Complexities Lori Gawron, MD, MPH, FACOG
Jul 29, 2016 Updates in Emergency Contraception Holly Bullock, MD
Jul 15, 2016 Zika Virus & Pregnancy Cara Heuser, MD
Jul 1, 2016 Autism and Induction of Labor: Talking Points for the Obstetrician Erin Clark, MD
Jun 17, 2016 Antenatal Steroids and Late Preterm Delivery: What Should We Be Doing? Erin Clark, MD
Jun 3, 2016 The Role of Pelvic Physical Therapy During and After Pregnancy Susan McLaughlin, PT
May 20, 2016 Viral Illness in Pregnancy: CMV, Parvovirus, and Influenza  Amy Sullivan, MD
May 6, 2016 Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy Karen Gibbins, MD
Apr 22, 2016 Work-up of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Ware Branch, MD
Apr 8, 2016 Diagnosis and Management of Cholestasis Christina Herrera, MD
Mar 25, 2016 Pregnancy as a Window to Future Health: Clinical Pearls Michael Varner, MD
Mar 11, 2016 Preeclampsia Recurrence Risk and Prevention Lauren Theilen, MD
Feb 26, 2016 Prevention of Wound Infection After Cesarean Brett Einerson, MD
Feb 12, 2016 Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment in Pregnancy Stephanie Lin, MD 
Jan 29, 2016 Stillbirth: Recommended Work-up  Bob Silver, MD
Jan 15, 2016 Antiphospholipid Syndrome: Who Should We Test? Ware Branch, MD
Jan 1, 2016 Holiday Holiday


Clinical Update Presenter
Dec 18, 2015 Updates in Genetic Screening Amber Mathiesen, MS
Dec 4, 2015 Pregnancy and Vaccination: An Update Kelli Barbour, MD
Nov 20, 2015 Thrombophilias and Pregnancy Bob Silver, MD
Nov 6, 2015 Updates in Managment of Twin Gestation Mike Draper, MD
Oct 23, 2015 What is Optimal Timing of Delivery for Twins? Amy Sullivan, MD 
Oct 9, 2015 Prevention of Recurrent Preterm Birth Erin Clark, MD
Sept 25, 2015 What's New with Cesarean Delivery? Bob Silver, MD
Sept 11, 2015 Management of Hyperemesis Flint Porter, MD
Aug 28, 2015 Evidence-Based Answers to Common Pregnancy Questions Cara Heuser, MD
Aug 14, 2015 Twins: Early Diagnosis of Chorionicity and Implications for Pregnancy Management Mike Draper, MD
Jul 31, 2015 Gestational Diabetes: What's New? Ware Branch, MD
Jul 17, 2015 Diagnosis and Management of Preeclampsia: A Clinical Update Heather Major, MD 
Jul 3, 2015 Holiday Holiday
Jun 19, 2015 Management of Red Cell Alloimmunization Erin Clark, MD
Jun 5, 2015 17P: Makena vs Compounded and the New Prescription Algorithm Erin Clark, MD