Connecting Community Providers With Health Care Resources

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Project ECHO
250 E 200 S, Ste 1425
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Project ECHO is a free partnership that connects community providers and providers in rural areas with specialists at University of Utah Health. Project ECHO aims to treat chronic and complex diseases in rural and underserved areas by connecting providers through virtual conferencing technology.

Project ECHO benefits both providers and patients for the following reasons:

  • Community-based treatment is safe, effective, timely, and much more cost effective than transporting patients to clinics in cities
  • Patients are able to stay within community practice

Rural providers can get education and professional resources from providers at University of Utah Health by participating with Project ECHO.

Current Echo Sessions

Why Should Providers Join Project ECHO?

How Does Project ECHO Benefit Providers?

By joining Project ECHO, community health care providers and providers in rural areas receive the following benefits:

  • Get up to one and a half hours of FREE Category 1 CME for each session attended
  • Get free consultative services from University of Utah Health providers
  • Learn best practices
  • Join a supportive network of your peers

Project ECHO also empowers community health care providers to do these things:

  1. deliver specialty care to patients who need it
  2. provide meaningful, case-based continuing education
  3. disseminate learning and reinforce best practices in multiple medical disciplines